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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Hey There!

We at SafeHaven Freedom Ministries Inc., opened our doors in May 2021.

We started to build the foundation right away from scratch. We organized a board of directors and are so grateful for their ongoing help, support and time they have put in and we couldn't be more appreciative of their guidance and motivation to get things going and keep grinding for us!

We want to take a quick minute to highlight a few things that have come into place in such a short time.


Shortly, after opening we got busy taking more trainings, and traveled some to meet and partner with other organizations so we are able to better serve our clients as we continue to resource map each individuals wellness plan.

We have already made some great partnerships. One great resource we use, is called "Mom of An Addict", you can find more info about this great organization here:

MOA puts on a huge recovery event each year called Recovery Rocks, and we were able to both be a vendor and a resource for that event in September here in Fort Wayne, and had a wonderful time getting out in the community, sharing the why and how we can help others by meeting them right where they are. We were able to pray with a few young adults seeking help.


We have had a lot of support from volunteers as well and are very thankful for them and the relationships we are building. Without their support we would feel more stressed than blessed.



At this event we were able to hand out 40 doses of narcan.

We educated those who didn't quite understand why they needed Narcan, whether they DO use or DON'T have substance use disorder. Here are some things we shared with them:

You want to carry narcan because:

⁃ You are concerned for your community and want to be prepared.

⁃ You're prescribed Codein, OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin.

⁃ You or someone you know has opioid use disorder or be misusing prescriptions or illicit opioids (heroin, carfentinal, fentanyl)

⁃ You or someone you know has completed treatment for opioid addiction.

We also had an opportunity to sell some of our homemade wellness products at the event. It was great watching individuals select jewelry that was donated by a family friend artist to bring in funds. We had a great time letting everyone try testers of some of these products too! We had a lot of positive feedback and you can find these products here!

All purchases bring financial support for SafeHaven Freedom Ministries through the production and sale of merchandise. Products are made by clients, volunteers, and staff. All proceeds go to support SafeHaven Freedom Ministry and FLS.

We have so much more great news to share and can't fit it all here so keep following along. At Safehaven Freedom Ministries, we believe that everyone is recovering from something; addictions, hurt, pain, trauma, PTSD, and so much more. We are here to help facilitate that recovery, offering guidance, coaching, tools, and more.

Let's build a stronger self and heal together!

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