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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Hey There!

We are bursting with excitement over here! Wanna know why?

We’ve been working on so many things and have the best help doing it all! We have an amazing web builder who among getting

married, (can we say congratulations!) she has been tackling our huge project! Can I add that she also is not working on not one but three of our website builds! Look for the For Lake’s Sake (teen recovery) and Indirect Fire (veteran recovery) websites coming soon!

Audra completely donated her time and talent towards our first one and she did an amazing job! She captured what we are all about and we couldn’t feel more encouraged to share who we are as an organization now! We are so blessed to have her be a part of the team here at SafeHaven!

Thank you Audra!!



website design + development


The first thing that we are ready to reveal, and we know that there are those that have been waiting so patiently for this...

the online store is ready for use!!

Yep! We are so proud of this project and so happy we can serve you all in this way! The store brings financial support for SafeHaven Freedom Ministries through the production and sales of merchandise. Products are made by clients, volunteers, and staff. All proceeds go to support SafeHaven Freedom Ministry and its subsidiaries. So, feel free to go over and check out the store, as we already have a few products ready for purchase. Be sure to keep checking back and follow us on social media to keep up with all of our new products as we continue to grow our inventory selection. We are so excited for you to try our products, that are made with creativity, clean ingredients, and love!

So what’s next?

Our websites will all have a donation button and as we enter into a season of funding, some of our project goals are to prepare the farm for Spring. We want to thank Time to Revive, ReviveIN for donating funds for the beginning stages of Lake’s memorial garden that we will finish in the coming spring! This donation paid for the first 3 berry bushes that were planted this fall, and will cover the cost of the prep work as we get the rest of the space ready for the spring project. These bushes will grow and turn out to be very beautiful and those who take time to sit and admire the memorial garden can pick and eat from them as they take in the scenery, we thought this would be a sweet touch. We will add a healing labyrinth to the garden and those that come to use our eco therapy farm and take a break from all the animal petting can walk the labyrinth to take time to breathe, follow the healing messages along the path and release your burdens to exit the labyrinth feeling refreshed and balanced. Overall we want the experience to be one that will stimulate all the senses and recharge the visual cortex of the brain in a positive way allowing the eco therapy to be most effective! We are so looking forward to the progress for this project and know great things are coming! We will keep the community posted when the eco therapy farm will open to the public! Stay tuned!...

Another exciting project that I am about to start is a chance to learn lifestyle hacks and tips. In the SafeHaven blog I will include helpful affiliate links for my favorite products that will benefit others too!! You will have access to savings on products that are part of most everyone’s daily lives, and be able to receive coupon codes as well. Basically, I will be taking out all the hard work of finding healthy, effective products for you, allowing you a chance to spend more time doing what you want rather than spending loads of time shopping elsewhere. That’s pretty awesome...and I look forward to sharing all the things I’ve found! There’s so many great opportunities with this project and want to ensure you that I will only be sharing products that I have personally used and experienced. I would never direct someone to use or purchase something that I myself haven’t tested and fell in love with first. We are moving forward and growing fast, and we want to be able to give back knowing that all the time, commitment and care that is put towards each project will pay off and direct one’s hopes and ambition towards achieving something. Let’s build a stronger self and heal together!

- Ada Disinger

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