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Recently, someone shared this quote of inspiration and encouragement with me and I want to pass it along! “Mindset, habits, and routines are the building blocks for success towards your wellness goals.” - Robyn Conely Downs. I feel we don’t often give ourselves enough credit for being excited about growth. I know I want to change and build new habits that will give my mind body and soul longevity and know others do as well.

Optimism is the first positive step to acknowledging what changes need to occur for these three areas to grow the most. I have found from my own experience with my healing  journey that it’s very important to check your mindset daily and to practice mindfulness. It really does matter how we think and see things in order to create our lifestyle changes. I am glad that I can come alongside those interested and determined to change habits and encourage them with the tools I am equipped with.

I often find that most clients’ have pessimistic attitudes when beginning to change. I believe this is all part of the natural process though, as it can be of some discomfort to walk through steps of change and the unknown. However, it’s important to practice forming old attitudes into new ones. Teaching and learning to build an optimistic mindset helps in a few ways, here are a few ideas why. It helps us to stay committed to our goals, we tend to be more content with our lives, and lastly, we will have better mental and physical health overall. 


Through the past few years, I have had the joy of practicing and using my skills to customize nutritional therapy regimens for clients. I love to provide meal plans and resources that make the best use of my clients' time. The meal plans are very simple to follow, easy to understand, cost effective and more nutrient rich based to balance the body as a whole.

Each of us is so different, and our bodies have different needs according to what genetics may be, what diseases we may have that need to be managed, and most importantly how we are chemically digesting. Without focusing on chemical digestion, our body will not be able to absorb nutrients, leading to vitamin deficiencies and even malnutrition. We need healthy chemical digestion to be able to break down proteins, carbs and fats into smaller parts. When this is lacking you will have imbalances like lactose intolerances to name a popular one.

These imbalances with the right focus, tools and accountability can become balanced. When I focus on chemical digestion, I also am focused on providing microbiome healing and gut balance. When asked, I direct my clients to a probiotic with enzymes that help restore a natural balance of bacteria in the gut (including your stomach and intestines.) I personally direct them to this one here. 

I have tried other probiotics and seem to always come back around to this one. It really is my favorite to recommend and I have a good story as to why...Get this, when Asher was younger and in the middle of his fight with Lyme disease 8 years ago he had to be seen by specialists at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. His strain of Lyme was active and causing Leukemia symptoms, after hours of researching my meal plan, and supplement protocols including this probiotic, the specialists encouraged us to keep him on this probiotic and the nutritional therapy regimen I had customized to his case. I formed a confidence that day in myself, that I could carry on and use my knowledge, wisdom and gifts to help others.

I was experienced because I had to be...and mind you he is in remission today. Feel free to email me and I can help you by customizing your meal plan to your specific needs, I offer my wellness plan at $50 a month and will also serve as your accountability partner to ensure you have the 

support you need to be successful. You can schedule your consultation at to get started!


  • A questionnaire from me to help customize your plan

  • four week meal plan with recipes, a friendly grocery list with substitutions

  • a meal prep schedule

  • a list of clean brands to use

  • section for taking notes

I have found that not everyone can feel like they can afford a healthy lifestyle. I am an example that if you change your mindset from “I can’t afford,” to, “what can I afford,” a shift will take place and eating healthy will be a priority... you will see it is VERY affordable. I can teach you and give you the tools to maneuver this. I have learned to cut my family's grocery bill in half when I started to follow my own personalized meal plan. I am one of two people in my household with major food restrictions that call for a more expensive budget than the average household. My youngest son and I both have been fighting Chronic Lyme Disease and Celiac Disease most of our lives, (hence as to why I started our health journeys!) We are starting to feel and experience healing! 

BUT, one more thing…. 

I tend to take the time to teach my clients that you can put in all the work, like exercising, drinking that water, changing your mindset, eating better and the list goes on...but if your gut isn’t healthy then all the other areas especially your mental and physical health will still deplete. It will feel like you're doing “all the things” to heal and feel better, but it seems like nothing is working. Or maybe you may feel better for a short while and then feel that you’re back to square one.

I understand that stuck feeling, I have been there. Remember, healing is not overnight. I started my healing journey a decade ago. I turned more serious about making changes five years ago and then went all in with making changes these last 3 years and managed some breakthroughs in my own healing. Everyone on their health journeys is valuable and is not to be taken for granted. With a little step towards optimism, and accountability within the plan, you can find breakthroughs too. You deserve it! 

Let’s build a stronger self and heal together! 

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