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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Hey There!

Now, I’m super ready and relieved to share that our family has been taking a liquid supplement for a year now, probably more but I lost track. I actually look forward to waking up and taking this supplement so I’m giving my body what it needs for cell recovery and healing and I’m about to tell you why. While I love to preach on this subject, I will spare you the time and keep this short!

After a decade of fighting symptoms from Celiac disease, Lyme Disease and PTSD from trauma I could list and most likely take up the rest of this paper, I’ll focus more on the fact that we all have something in common. Lifestyle, Habits and Mental Health that need changes applied in order to line up with letting our bodies heal.

I have a decade of experience and knowledge and have been working hard on my healing journey in order to pass on guidance, however I want to take a minute to put it out there that you can do “all the things,” but if you don’t start with this one thing you may waste a lot of time and me. Now that I understand what I didn’t know then... I do feel I could’ve sped up my healing some. But, let’s forget that, we are here now and I believe there’s a right timing for everything.

For years, I have shared with my family I feel there’s a missing link with our physical and mental health. It was like we were stuck... building our immunities with vitamins we were deficient in, taking herbal antibiotics for bacteria and viruses, staying active, drinking a ton of water, detoxing and using the elimination diet to help repair digestion...all the things, right?!

Then, a trusted friend and mentor knew our battle and introduced us to LifeForce Optimum. We took it for 3 months strictly and after the 5th month, we finally got it. We understood what was missing... Multi minerals. I mean, I’ve heard it before, but because we were doing all the things, I suppose I brushed the need off... I am so glad we are finding healing and really it’s like a door has opened to restoration.

We are feeling more like ourselves again. I personally have had breakthrough with the care of my active Lyme, whereas before I didn’t. Taking this supplement helps relieve inflammation and has helped balance my Hypothyroidism as well. I no longer take thyroid medication but take an herbal supplement once a day only for management. I feel like I am getting somewhere when I am caring for my family now. We were so blessed when our friend offered to hand down this product to us due to him retiring and after he found out what SafeHaven Freedom Ministries, Inc. wanted to do as far as selling wellness products in order to help our clients holistically. We felt this was a perfect fit and we soon added ‘Cell Recovery’ to the name and now we have LifeForce Optimum Cell Recovery available in our online store for you! I will never share a product that I don’t believe in and haven’t tried myself for a relevant period of time. I am happy to share it with you now!

We are offering a 50% off discount for the month of March and hope you take advantage while supplies last.

Remember, all proceeds go to support SafeHaven FM and For Lake’s Sake.


Here’s some cool facts about LF if you’d like to read on...I get pretty fascinated by facts and then to experience these changes in my healing seems so cool to me. LF has fulvic acid, humic acid, electrolytes, every essential amino acid and more than 77 macro and micro (trace) minerals all working in synergy. A few more things LF will do:

Alkalizes your body for optimal health and oxygenates your blood

Transports nutrients into your cells and flushes toxins

Provides electrolytes to enable your cells to absorb nutrients

Detoxifies the body by eliminating heavy metals and toxins

Balances hormone levels

Regulates your thymus gland

Dramatically decreases healing time

Creates an inhospitable environment for cancer

Protects against free radical damage

Free radicals are a major contributing factor to nearly all situations of less-than-ideal health many people are facing today.

I would advise and this isn’t to popular with cannot have a lifestyle of eating fast food, consuming gallons of

caffeinated drinks, or getting little to no exercise and think taking LifeForce Optimum Cell Recovery alone will bring you to your

optimal health level. You must also do all you can to support this process by providing your body with the tools it needs to

function at its peak performance. Eat healthy, balanced meals, engage in at least moderate exercise, drink water, half your body

weight in ounces, take in a minimum of 35 grams of fiber per day, and give your body the rest it needs. Now you know and get

yourself some LifeForce Optimum Cell Recovery! Let’s build a stronger self and heal together!

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