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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Hello There!

Let’s talk Vitamin C Serum… we may have lost a few of the gents here already, maybe they’re thinking, “nah… not for me”. This product is not just for the ladies. The guys can find all the same benefits as well when using our Vitamin C Serum. It’s super low maintenance and easy to use. And remember gents, even though I've written here some ways to use this product... feel free to chuck my instructions out the window, splash water on your face, dry it and add our Vitamin C Serum after to keep it in simple terms, but I will challenge you to use my instructions and find you may feel good and that's manly! This product doesn’t discriminate against age, literally anyone can use it. I believe when you can call a product a high quality product is when it could serve multi functional purposes for both guys and gals and for more than one skin type. Thanks to local creators like us, there are formulations that can balance any type of skin obstacle no matter the season your skin is in and could be added as a tool in your already existing at home skincare regimen. When you shop local it is taking somewhat of a bargain to make that change and you are learning to trust us, but to many times than none…I’ve seen great reactions and have heard some great testimonies about our Vitamin C Serum to know it’s worth taking that bargain.

We all have skin in common and it’s our biggest accessory, it’s the first thing someone looks at. Well, other than the eyes or hair. But that’s besides the point, that’s my inner stylist of 15 years voice reminding me of such things... I have really dove in to the love of all things skin since starting a detoxifying lifestyle these past 7 years. I went from having to put up with extra acne and quite a bit of rashes as harsh toxins have left my body overtime. I had to find a suitable solution for my skin, I didn't while trying so many brands over the years, so I spent the last 2 years refining different recipes and combining these recipes to come up with my own added formulation that works. I also find that I am one of the lucky ones that have combination skin. Which in a way has been a blessing in disguise even though it seems to be a challenge to treat at times. If I didn't experience this skin type, I wouldn’t have figured out how to cocktail between the right measurements for each ingredient to benefit all skin types. I will advise not to wear our Vitamin C Serum directly in the sun or while in a tanning bed. It could cause you to burn due to the carrier oils used added. However, our Vitamin C Serum feels amazing after the sun because it serves with healing properties ingredients to help aid aging from the harsh rays or sun damage.

Once trying our Vitamin C Serum, you may find you have gratitude for adding this product in your arsenal of skin care. Here's why...Since launching May 7, 2021, I've saved so much money because this product lasts and stays fresh. Each 1 ounce glass bottle will last up to 6 months, then you can discard. We use an essential oil, Rosemary and it provides as a natural preservative. So, I do want to point out…it’s worth the small investment and when you think about cost of other leading brands with hormone changing chemicals added, it's definitely worth the investment in you!

My favorite ways to use our Vitamin C Serum is to use it at night. I will rub a few drops of the product into my skin really well and then, press a very warm washcloth on my face to allow the pores to open, allowing the oils and toxins to be drawn out of the skin. This is a form of oil pulling. You may experience your acne get worse at first but continue to drink a lot of water and continue oil pulling, your skin will clear up. This is a sign that the toxins are in fact being driven out! Overall, oil pulling feels amazing. It's important to pat your face dry, so you're not damaging your skin. Then, I add a few more drops of serum to my hands and pat it on my face to sleep in. You could put a little bit or add alot, depending on your personal preference. I tend to pack it on and use more like a treatment. I have seen a difference in my skin and I definitely will not turn away the compliments I get on my skin now! No joke, I’ve gone most of my teenage and young adult life dealing with skin issues so bad that even strangers would point it out and I developed an insecurity over the years. It wasn’t until I got serious about living a detoxifying lifestyle in my mid 30’s and knowing I wanted a positive solution rather than trying other clean ingredient skincare that costs $30-$150 a bottle and experienceing a negative experience everytime I tried...

There was no way I wanted to continue searching for the right product and waste my time another minute. Time and money is valuable. I also think when making products, allergies need to be thought about. I have many environmental allergies and again as I could look at that as a curse, I can find the blessing in that because that puts me in the position to formulate around allergies. If there is ever a situation where one sees an ingredient that they’re allergic to on our product ingredient lists, please understand that we can take our products and customize to each individual. Email, to request customization.

Ok...ok, I will leave you with this. As you may want to add our product to your daily arsenal, you'll still want to continue with your normal daily cleansers, exfoliaters, toners, and moisturizers for now… but we look forward to bringing new products to you soon to keep adding in! Email us with your requests, what products would you like us to make?

Remember, our Vitamin C Serum builds collagen naturally, protects from sun damage, reduces wrinkles, reduces under-eye circles, speeds up healing, improves skin elasticity, reduces inflammation and puffiness, and improves skin hydration. All Proceeds go directly to support SafeHaven freedom Ministry and For Lake's Sake. Here’s to healing our skin on the inside and the outside!

Let’s build a stronger self and heal together

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