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Mission Statement of SafeHaven Freedom Ministries

Recognition. Resources. Recovery.

The mission of SafeHaven Freedom Ministries  is to deliver recognition, resources and recovery by mentoring teens, young adults and veterans who want their freedom and faith restored.

At Safehaven Freedom Ministries, we believe that everyone is recovering from something; addictions, hurt, pain, trauma, PTSD, and so much more. We are here to help facilitate that recovery, offering guidance, coaching, tools, and more 

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SafeHaven believes in recognition in two forms. The first is bringing recognition to the world that people suffer from trials of all sorts, and each one is valid and should be honored. The second is that we ourselves must recognize our own trials, no matter how big or small they may seem, and then be willing to work towards changing the things that have a negative impact on our lives.


SafeHaven is here to help provide or find you the resources needed to facilitate your recovery with the highest level of success. Resources vary greatly to include: coaching, community outreach, inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, harm reduction plans and kits, Narcan, financial budgeting and planning, counseling, peer group discussions, and many others.


SafeHaven believes that recovery looks different for each person, and has many different stages. No one but the person in recovery has the right or the ability to judge ones recovery, and we operate under the premise that "you are in recovery when you say you are." Our mission is to walk alongside you, and help you reach the greatest level of success in your recovery journey.

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SafeHaven Healing Farm

SafeHaven Healing Farm helps facilitate recovery through coaching and connecting with and caring for animals, and developing a sense of purpose and accomplishment through goal setting and work ethic development 


"Our Animal Friends are just as willing to communicate with us
as we are 
with them.

All it takes is an open heart - and a willingness to be still enough to listen."

The Farm offers animal-assisted and horticultural therapeutic activities that provide a haven for people, animals, and plants to interact, bond, learn, and heal. The Farm serves a variety of healing opportunities to the community.  This experiential learning process not only allows those to heal, but also to grow and thrive

On The Farm:

1 ] Ecotherapy

2 ] Educational Classes

3 ] Support Groups

4 ] Memorial Garden

5 ] Horticultural Activities

6 ] Animal Interactions

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