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Save lives.

Naloxone swiftly reverses opioid overdose, saving lives by restoring normal breathing. It's vital for people to know how to use it as it can prevent deaths in emergency situations, serving as a crucial intervention until medical help arrives amidst the opioid crisis.


Overdose reporting aims at documenting and understanding instances of drug overdose. By gathering and analyzing this information, we can identify patterns, assess the impact of interventions, and develop strategies to better support those affected by substance use disorders. This approach allows us to respond with empathy and allocate resources where they are needed most, ultimately working towards preventing future overdoses and supporting individuals on their journey towards recovery.

What option best describes you?
Have you participated in the Recovery Capital Index?

Please select the approximate date that the overdose occurred

Who Overdosed?

Please indicate the approximate age of the person who overdosed

What was their gender?
What was their race or ethnicity?
What setting did it occur in?
What was the result of the overdose?

The information provided through this form is solely viewed by SafeHaven Freedom Ministry Staff. The only information shared by SafeHaven Freedom Ministries is the total number of overdose reversal reports that are submitted each month.

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